See what others are saying about the Hank Kabel Sarcoma Foundation!

"Thanks for the great work. I am honored to be part of this movement. Kudos!!”
~ Hans Iwenofu, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Sarcoma Pathologist

“I greatly appreciate all you have done and continue to do to raise awareness about the ‘forgotten cancer’ in people, sarcoma, and supporting and exploring potential therapeutic inventions.”

~ Dean Moore, The Ohio State University Veterinary Center

"Keep up your crusade. You're an inspiring warrior."

"I wouldn't miss Hank's race for anything! Attending helped us so much. It is a great event. You put so much work in to it and it is so appreciated. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. We can't wait to attend next year and bring more friends and family with us."

"I had not really thought about animals being able to develop cancer until my 10.5-year-old cat was diagnosed with bone cancer the day before my birthday. We had to euthanize him three weeks later. Thanks for bringing awareness to the fact that our furry pets are able to develop cancer. It's so sad wanting to keep your pets with you for as long as possible while worrying about them being in pain - especially when they are terminal."
~Maria & Cros

"It was a great day. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. You did a fantastic job planning it. Not a single detail was missed. Your hard work and devotion shown all day. Never did I see you without a smile on your face. I appreciate you and all of the work that you do for canine cancer and sarcoma."

"I fell in love with that picture of Hank and your love and determination to support and love him through his illness. He was blessed! I love my dogs! I am happy to help such a great cause and such a great person that puts so much into it."

"Thanks for all the hard work putting it together."

"It was a perfect day an accurate course and wonderful weather. It couldn't have been a more wonderful day for a great cause."

"My family loves your race! We love running this 5K because your dedication and passion definitely shows in everything you do!"

"Looking forward to another great year. Can't wait to work with you again."

"I want to applaud you on all of your hard work and dedication. Your website is fantastic, all of the information and videos (I watched all of your videos). Not only am I so happy and delighted to be a part of your race, but I watched and listened to your research and information on sarcoma. It makes me think this race needs to become something even bigger and nationwide!"

"Signed up again for this great cause! Run, walk with a group, walk with your pups, walk alone...just get to this event and help end canine cancer (Also, research helps with people battling cancer because trials on dogs help determine treatment options for humans). It's a great, family-friendly event!”